Glide Table not updating in duplicated app

I created an app that uses both Google Sheets and a linked Glide table.

When I duplicated the app (4 times), the Glide table stopped updating and it looks like the table was also duplicated 4 times. So it appears this duplicate table is the one in my duplicated app and has no way of getting new information.

The original table is in a separate Glide page.

You can see in the screenshots that the Glide Table “Images” exists multiple times and that 4 of them were last updated yesterday when the apps were duplicated, but the one at the top that they should be using was updated today.

Did I do something wrong or is this a bug that needs to be reported?
Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 11.25.46 PM

How are you duplicating? Are you selecting “keep same sheet” or “copy sheet”?

Copy Sheet. Because I wanted a copy of the Google Sheet.

The Glide Table that’s in the app that was copied isn’t actually “there”. It’s just linked in that app. Is it working as designed that it’s actually copying that table as well?

Even though it says ‘copy sheet’, it really copies all tables.

You have two options.

  • Choose “Copy Sheet”, delete the duplicate glide tables from your project, and add the original glide table.
  • Choose “Keep Sheet”, and replace the Google Sheet data source in the app settings. This method may be the least invasive, because if it works correctly, you shouldn’t need to recreate any computed columns.

Oh okay. That’s unfortunate. I have different people already updating things in the new spreadsheets. And I already went and updated all of the settings that don’t get copied over when you duplicate an app.

But that table is used all over the app and would take a really long time to re-link all of the components.

I guess my best bet may be to copy the apps again, keep the sheet, go back and change the different settings again and then replace the app data source with the spreadsheets that I already have people working on.

Yeah, that’s probably your best bet. Your situation is kind of unique with the widely used Images table.

Yeah I don’t know if you remember another post you helped me think through a few weeks ago, but I ended up building the image repository in a Glide Page that I mentioned. The plan is to use it in every app that I create. It’s worked great… until now.

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@Jeff_Hager I just thought of another potential problem.

We’ve already sent posters with the QR codes to print and setup the URLs in emails going out.

If I duplicate the apps again, can I switch the URLs over to one’s that I’m already using in current apps? If I change the current app URLs, will those become available for me to use again?

Yes, you should be able to switch the urls.

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