Data cross linked

Some how I’ve got two separate apps for two different purpose, but changing the data in one changes in both.

So I started with an app called names. I used a glide table not a google sheet. I then copied this app to use as a starting point for another app called restaurants. It included all the data from the names app, so I deleted all the names data and then added the restaurant data.

At the time I didn’t notice, but now I realize that all the names data has been replaced by the restaurant data. It seems all my names data is gone.

When I look at the source for each they point to their respective databases.

Can someone tell me how this might have happened and how I might delink these two apps?

Thank you.

When you duplicated the app, did you select to keep the same sheet or to copy the sheet?


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You’ll probably find that both apps are sharing the same Glide table. If that’s the case you should unlink it from one of the apps and create a new table for that app.

PS. Jeff - he mentioned that he isn’t using a GSheet


Thanks for the fast response.

I’m confused by the fact that they point to different tables as shown in the screen shot I attached.

I thought if they have different sources, they would be separate?

How do I create a new table? I’ve only done that when creating a new app from scratch.

Thanks for you help!

The prompt is the same when you duplicate an app…regardless if it’s Glide Table based or Google Sheet based.

I guess I’m assuming that it works the same for GT or GS tables. If you keep the same sheet/table, it will be shared across apps. If you copy the sheet/table, it will create a new independent copy of the data. @Terry_Barth , when you copied the app, I assume you renamed the table from Names to Restaurant? I’d still like to know which option you chose when you duplicated the app. My thought is maybe the forward facing table name is independently attached to the app, but he underlying table itself is the same in both apps.

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Honestly, I don’t remember what choice I made back then. I’m sure you’re right that I chose use the same table, without realizing or understanding it.

So How do If fix this?

What I would do is pick one of your apps and duplicate it, make sure you select the copy sheet option, then test to make sure the data is unlinked from the other apps with some small data changes.

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Perfect. That did the trick.

Now I just have to recreate the data I deleted. . .

Thanks for your help!

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