Two applications work with one google table

We have two applications that work with one google table. When added through application # 1, the data is written to the google table, but application # 2 does not see the entry in the google table. Because of this, after a few minutes, the entry from the google table is deleted

Hi @ArshinSV , an idea to try to troubleshoot:

(I have never done this before, so test at your own risk! :sweat_smile:)

  • Duplicate your Google Sheet spreadsheet, call it for instance [original name]_troubleshooting_copy.
  • Go to Glide, app no. 2, Glide builder, Settings, Data, Data Sources, Replace.
  • Replace your existing data source with [original name]_troubleshooting_copy. Your two apps should now be linked to 2 different GS spreadsheets.
  • Go to your app no. 1 (either in the Glide builder or to the app itself, to a form for instance), add data.

Now that app no. 2 is not linked to the GS spreadsheet of app no. 1, does the data stay there?

i think he wants 2 apps using same sheet… in that case you need to build a semaphore mechanism to prevent double writing.