Refresh time when 2 apps on the same sheet

Hi everybody.
I work on 2 apps, the first for a restaurant and the second for the customers of the restaurant.
The 2 apps use the same Google Sheet but have different uses.
When i add something with one app, the refresh isn’t instantaneous for the second app.
Is there a solution ?
Thank’s for your help.

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That brings up an interesting question in my mind. @mark or @david In a case like this where two apps are pointing to the same sheet. Does the database backend have two sets of data in the database, or does it recognize the unique ID of the spreadsheet and only have one, which both apps are linked to?


That’s a very good point.

Glide keeps data separated between apps, but it should reload the data of all apps that are connected to a sheet if one of them changes the sheet. Thank you!

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Is that a thank you, we will add the functionality, or a thank you, for bringing that up and that is what happens now?

I’m sure it’s a very low level thing but it would make sense that at app creation,
when the developer selects the database to hook to the app, that the ID be looked up in the “system” and if it already is being cloned to the database by another app, have the new app also point to that instance.
I know it sounds simple and most likely impossible especially with varying app settings, like filtering, sorting, etc. I’m just brainstorming… forgive the ramblings :slight_smile:

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That’s a Thank you, we will implement that :wink:

At this point I’m not sure it makes sense to merge data between apps with the same sheet, especially with what we have planned for the future, but we’ll think about it.


I will not need to create 2 different apps if I could manage different rights for users.
See :

Yes but the delay is a little long.

I am coming across this lag issue and it’s concerning. @Mark has this been addressed?

For a dance studio scenario I am building two apps;

  1. One for the studio managers (to be able to create dance schedules, pricing packages, etc…) and
  2. One for the attendees (to buy dance packages, check-in into class,etc…)

When I create a new Class from the manager’s app side the delay for the new class to be displayed on the attendees side is huge, I waited for 10mins before I clicked on ‘reload page’ and only then it pushes out the latest item on the list.

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Are they both using the same spreadsheet, or does one use IMPORTRANGE to import the other? Also, how big is the spreadsheet?

Hi -

Both are using the same spreadsheet.

The ‘Class_Schedule’ sheet only has 9 items

That should not happen. Would you mind sharing those two apps?

sent you a message with all the details @Mark

Rogelio, hello!

Have you resolved this prolem? I have the same issue now. The second app loads data only after 2-6 minutes


Hi! I have the same issue. Is there any solutions?

@ilyakuleshoff What’s your situation exactly? Can you share your apps?

I have 2 apps:
1 — for admins, who add new information:
2 — for users, who can only read and edit some information:

And when someone add new information in the first app, users in the second app will see it only in 5 or 10 minutes. Both apps use the same spreadsheet.

With the user profiles now available, I think you can make it into only one app so that the delay won’t happen.