Problem with Link from Glide Table

Hello, i have a big problem:
I built a really big and complex app with the foundation of two databases in our main app (Those are glide tables). I want the template of the app to link to these two glide tables so that we can create out of that template our individual customer apps. For the whole setup to work the link to the two main tables should automatically be in the template app and be established when creating the app from the template. Unfortunately at the moment, all apps created out of the template have no active connection/link to the glide table in our main app. On top of that, I can’t find a way to reestablish a connection to the glide table and can only add the link as a whole new table in the app created from the template.


You should have this choice when duplicating the app, and if you choose “Keep same sheet” then I believe the data sources will be linked.

Hey, thank you for your time and answer. Unfortunately it didnt work out with that solution because we have in the application 12 datasets which are individuell per app and 2 datasets which have to be synced to the main-dataset. I had to fix it via google sheet and a import-range function. The Copy of the google sheets takes the data via this function.