Issue with Glide Table Syncing

Hey guys,

Hope you all well…Just wanted to know why it is that if I have table called Accounts 1🟢on one of my apps it dosen’t link with my other app.

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 15.13.57

It depends how each App and Table were created.

Tables are only linked between Apps if:
a) You duplicate an App and select the “Keep same sheet” option, or
b) You explicitly link an existing table to an existing App.

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It works for toher tables just happens to be this one table that I need to link isnt showing up how does one explicitly link an existing table to an existing App? Surely just going to add table choosing your team name and selecting the table should work?

So you mean that when you want to add the table with the green dot to another app, it doesn’t show up? Even though the apps are in the same team?

Yep exactly