Linked tables not updating

Hi, I have an app setup as a project that shifts data around neatly and I have these in certain charts that are relevant to users with mobile devices.

I have a pages project that uses linked tables to the data and these are formatted to give a bigger overview, essentially to be used on a monitor/display where teams can see everything on one screen.

I’m still developing other parts of the system but have noticed that my charts are no longer updating from the original tables, even though the app is being used to add data.

Is there something obvious I may have missed in the setup in pages or do I need to force the refresh? Thanks in advance - I’ll screenshot and add here later today.

  • When you originally set the Pages project up, how did you link the tables?
  • Did you create the Pages Project from scratch, or did you use the “New Page from Data” option?
    – If the latter, did you choose to “Keep same sheet” or “Copy the Sheet”?
  • Are both projects using Glide Tables exclusively, or are there other data sources involved?
    – If other data sources, which?

Answers to the above questions will help to identify the source of your problem.

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Hi Darren, I used the + button to add a new table then it allowed me to “sync table” with the one from my main app.
I’d created the pages project from scratch rather than using new page from data.
Both are just using glide tables - no other external sources I the projects.

Appreciate if this lets you give me a steer.

Okay yeah, that helps.

So the thing to be aware of is that only basic columns will sync between linked tables. That is, tables that contain actual data, as opposed to computed data. So relations, math columns, lookups, rollups, etc will not sync.

If you are finding that basic columns are not syncing, then the first thing to check is that you actually have the correct table linked. The easy way to check is to add a (non-computed) column in the table in one app, then wait a few seconds and see if it appears in the second app. It should.

If you’re positive that you have the correct table linked, and you’re still not seeing basic columns syncing, then the next course of action would probably be to log a ticket with Glide Support.

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Darren, great advice. I’m going to try a few things to check if it’s my setup or if it could be worth a ticket. I did add some computed columns in the “synced” table to work up the charts I need. I’m hoping it’s not that or I’ll lose a lot of functionality on the pages dashboard I’ve created.


I have the same problem, the linked table stopped synchronizing.
Previously, when I added a basic column in one, the same column appeared in the other. Nowadays it has no effect, the same thing happens with lines.
The question is:
How do I remove this table from my second application without running the risk of deleting it in the original application? I want to do this and then create a new bond.

Removing a table is not the same as deleting a table. You should be able to unlink a table from an app without having to delete it.

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It worked, I used unlink.
Before that I created a copy of the page, copied and pasted the components and actions. I was surprised that the process is much more agile, with glide creating copies of the actions on the new page. I didn’t have that before.

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