Taking the plunge... but where are my tables?!

Hi guys,

I thought I would take the plunge and experiment with Glide Pages. I have made a few apps and it’s fun to be a complete beginner again… also quite inspired by the recent tutorials from Glide like Things in Things. I can certainly see the potential…

So I picked an App of mine and assumed I could create a new ‘Pages’ project that uses the existing App’s Glide tables. I seem to remember when you create a new App you can re-use existing Glide tables so why not with a new Glide Pages project?

However, I can’t seem to find this option. When I create a new page, it automatically selects one of the default tables created for the project.

So quick question… how to create a page that points to a Glide Table that was created before for one of my Glide Apps?

Thanks in advance…

I seem to have the option to import existing tables using the data sources arrow on the bottom left. Can you confirm?

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Great that works… tbh that was not at all obvious. Perhaps there needs to be an option for this during the project creation.


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To be honest, I think as Glide Tables are separately managed (opposed to an entire spreadsheet that is connected to an app), the best Glide can do is to allow us to select which tables to import at the start of a new app. They can do a single click with spreadsheets, but it must be multiple choice for Glide Tables, if that ever becomes an option.

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When I open up the dialogue window to select a table I then realize I have often used the same names between Apps, which makes it really tricky to select the correct table. This could be fixed if there was a column that stated the name(s) of the Apps already using the table. Just a thought…




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