Multiple Rows from One Column

Hi. I am VERY new to Glide APPS. I am trying to gather multiple values from one column and display the videos. But, when I create the screen, it only displays ONE video. I am sure this is a very simple fix and one that where my frustration has clouded. HELP

You probably want an Inline List

I have one. And I have rel column to both sheets. The inline shows all 4 videos, but when I add the video component it will only let me display one.

You need to add the video to the details screen of these items

I did. Or at least I thought. Let me send a screen shot

I am sure there is something I am missing. Earlier, I had this issue and did a template and related it back to itself. But this one won’t work. Do I need a relation column for each “set” of rows which are grouped into circuit 1,2,3… and so forth


The other videos will show if I use the list option but it takes me to another screen. I am trying to limit the number of clicks/swipes.

Hi. I posted a screenshot. I am kind of stuck here. I am sure there is an easy fix and I am just missing it! :wink:

I think you’re trying to display a list of inline videos. Glide doesn’t offer that natively. You’re getting a list of videos, but you have to click into each one to see the video (add a video component). You can’t simply add a video component after an inline list component.

Thank you! You are correct. That was my intention.

Best you could do is display a card play out with a thumbnail of the video.