How to add videos to glide

How can I implement multiple videos into glide? I want to have a collum in my data with all the videos, so that means I have to store multiple videos in one field. I’m brand new with glide and videos, how do you add multiple videos and put them into a list?
Do you just copy the youtube link and paste it in?

You could do that, yes.

Or you could use a File Picker component in a form to allow your users to add video links. You should save them in a URL column.

How do I save multiple videos in an array?

Do you really want to do that?

If you want to display the videos in a list, then storing them in an array isn’t the best idea. It will still be possible to coerce the array into a list, but it requires a fairly advanced technique.

I’m making a sports app. I want to show the different highlights for each player under their description. I figured it was best to put the videos in an array. But I’m open to proposals.

Screenshot 2022-10-02 at 17.19.11

Is there any fixed limit to how many videos each player can add?

No, I thought maybe 5 per player


Well one way you could do it is to add 5 columns in your Players table, one for each video.
But, don’t do that - because it won’t scale, and you’ll have problems trying to display them as a list.

A better way to do this is to create a separate table just for your videos - let’s call it Player Videos.
That table needs a minimum of two columns - a PlayerID column and a Video URL column.
Each time a player adds a video, add a row to that table with their PlayerID and the Video URL.

Then from your Players table, create a multiple relation column that links the PlayerID to the PlayerID in the Player Videos column. You can use that multiple relation column on your Player Details screen as the source of an Inline List component, which will give you a list of that players related videos.


What content could be in the PlayerID column? Can you give an example? Thanks for all the help

Add a RowID column to your Players table. This will automatically give you a unique value for each player, which can be used as your PlayerID (you can even rename it as that if you want).

Then when a Player uploads a video, you can use a User Profile Column to set the PlayerID to the correct value.

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Great, this helped a lot. Do you have any proposals on how to show the videos? E.g. with a list or something, so it is dynamic. Because I want to be able to add a video, and then the list gets longer.

If you set it up as I described above, the list will automatically grow as new videos are added.
The default action on the list will be Show Detail Screen → This item. On that screen you can add a video component and point it at the video URL column.