Portfolio & multiple video link to display | Glide Pages

Hi, Glide community,

I’m quite new around,
I was wondering, How I could use the Glide Pages to create a portfolio service.

to give you a little bit of context:
I work with a lot of photographers and videographers,
each of them sends my company pictures and videos, then we process them.
We want to give them the possibility to show the “after-processing” render.

The current follow-up is made with airtable
so I have a list and details of every picture or video they created.

So, I tried to link my airtable base with Glide Page, which seems to work.
My glide page draft has a homepage with the list of all the creators
then I can click on a name to open the “creator page”

in my airtable base,
a record is a creator (people) and my columns are information and URL links

my questions are:

  • is it possible to add dynamically video player when a new URL is added into my airtable base?
  • is it possible to regroup multiple links into 1 player? as an image carousel for video?

I can also, recreate a clean base structure to adapt the data model to glide requirements

thank you for your future answer.