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Hey Community,

I have a special request and I am not sure if I can build it in glide.
Its in general about video individualisation and the goal is to create a specific landingpage for every “person / request”.

So the workflow should be.

  1. Someone sends via API Request a new FIRST AND SECOND Name to my glide table. I think I can solve that.
  2. then with the new ROW I create a uniqe ROW ID which I feedback as answer to the request.
    (1-2. how can I in general do that? I think the other system will be something like SAP)
  3. the new landingpage is the entry / row I have created. So that means (just as sample) is the landingpage and I think all that works.

NOW I need a second workflow regarding the landingpage-content.

  1. the landingpage will be created and a standard-video is used. Ok, I do that with an IF column.
  2. as soon as in the other column a new link is inserted the personalized video will be shown. (ok thats all simple, exepted the question how I bring the link into the column. But thats a question I have to solve with the other system which we have to programm)
    My Question here is. Can I stylize the “landingpage / page” to 100%? So that it is just a fullscreen video with two buttons and a logo which refers to external links? And it should be 100% available from extern, if someone has the link

Thanks a lot for your feedback and thoughts, if glide is the right solution for that.

Best regards

I’m just not sure about the “personalized video” part. How do you generate that?

@ThinhDinh that should / will not be part of glide. So I solve that with an automated render script and I take a file which I received and replace it with a personalized video

Has anyone an idea? cc @ThinhDinh

This should work. When someone sends the API request, create a new row in your Glide Table with a HTTP call. What you receive from the Glide API will be the rowID, and from that you can construct a link from a template, with the rowID at the end.

I’m not sure I understand everything correctly here, you can have it as a details view of a row in the table in the first step, then configure the components tied to the values in that row. That way, when a new row is created, it will always follow the same format.

Not sure about the “full screen” thing you mentioned, is a video component with a button block and an image below not suitable?

Then, set your app to not require sign-in, that’s how it can be available when anyone opens it.

These are two samples of a “fullscreen page”… but how can I change here some custom details.

  • to remove the navigation on top
  • to add a custom Image in the background
  • how can I change the size of the video?

Thanks for your help


I don’t think there’s a native way to do so. Only option is CSS.

I don’t know how much it extends, but you can try using a container and set the background image of that container.

The video component has a sizing option, those are the only options to change its size natively.

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ok. but you don´t now a sample for this use case? Where I can have a look at the code?

No, I don’t have a sample for this.