🎥 How to Create a Custom Client Portal with Glide Pages

Create Your Own Client Portal with Glide!

In this 5 part series, I show you how to set up a custom client portal in Glide Pages.

Step 1: Create Your Client’s Profile

  • cleanup your client list
  • create a Glide Pages project with said list
  • mockup a client profile screen
  • allow your client to log in

Step 2: Share Your Client’s Deliverables

  • create the deliverables table
  • display deliverables on the client’s profile
  • filter deliverables by client

Step 3: Allow Clients to Update Things

  • update deliverables
  • update their profile
  • add ideas
  • filter their content

Step 4: Add Your Team as Administrators

  • upload team members
  • give them custom views
  • allow access to all clients profiles
  • add new clients

Step 5: Onboard Your Team and Clients

  • finalize your design
  • publish your portal
  • invite your team and clients

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I can’t wait to have a look at your videos.

I don’t have much of a Twitter following but I did give your tweets some love. Have you posted on LinkedIn?

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This is awesome, @darren!

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