Videos in Glide Pages

Hi, I’ve searched on the website and haven’t found the possibility of embedding videos in Glide Pages (I know there is the option on Glide Apps -
Is this a feature that will be implemented in Pages as well? Is it already on the roadmap as far as anyone knows?

I’m currently building a website for an academic NGO and chose Glide Pages for the ability to easily create an embedded database because I wanted a tool to collect all the members of the association and to make it searchable; I would like for each member’s profile page to have a video where they can present themselves, but can’t find the tools to do it at the moment, nor I found any other post suggesting a solution.

Thank you


I have links to Youtube Videos embedded on a ‘page’ - did you mean something else?

Here are some actual screen shots

Screenshot 2022-05-19 at 12.56.54

Screenshot 2022-05-19 at 12.57.16

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Thanks, I could swear that last week when I created the pages the “Content” > “Video” option wasn’t there, but most likely I simply overlooked it.

Thanks for the reply, definitely solved the issue.

Best regards

Thats no problem, sometimes I can look and look at something and still miss it…Glad to help, all the best with your page.


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