Mediasite or Echo360 video links

Hello all – new to Glide, here!

I’m developing an app for university use. The university has rules against using Google and Youtube. I’m trying to link videos, then, from our approved platforms: Mediasite and Echo360. However, I can’t get either one to work in the app. I’m categorizing the links as URL links in my spreadsheet, but the video appears broken and will not play. Both links are enabled for public viewing. Has anyone successfully integrated these two video platforms into a glide app? I’d be grateful for any support you can provide.

Many thanks,

Are you able to share an example of a link that does not work?

Sure, Darren.

Here are the video links from both Mediasite and Echo360.
Mediasite: Microaggression - Gender Bias
Microaggression - Gender & Pronouns-1080p-231218.mp4

When I use either of these links in my data spreadsheet, I just get a black player:

If, however, I put a youtube link in that same spot, the video works fine.


I just tested both quickly. Whilst neither of them will play in a Video component, both do seem to work okay in a Web Embed component. So I guess my suggestion would be to try that.

Unfortunately, I’m using the free version of the app. It doesn’t look like Web Embed is available. Any other ideas? Or is there a Glide app ticketing system where I could get someone to look into why the video URLs aren’t working?

I’m afraid that Glide support is only available for Pro plans and above.
My only other suggestion would be to check with Echo360 and Mediasite - possibly there is a specific URL format that should be used for embedding videos.

Somebody else might have more suggestions.

Thank you. I double-checked all available links and can’t get it to work. I hope someone else can chime in with some ideas.

I think both these sites employ a m3u8 approach to display the videos (which is common amongst sites these days). I haven’t been able to find a mp4 link from that clue though.

Usually I download these files using a library in my Terminal and do more things with it later on.

Thanks for looking into it. Can you explain more what you mean by your last sentence?

I use yt-dlp from the Terminal of my Mac to download files. I always have to identify the source URL first by opening the Inspect option of the URL, navigate to Network, refresh the tab, play the video and type “m3u8” in the search box.