Creating a people directory

I’m trying to create a people directory based on a number of categories. I’m importning the data from a google sheet.

I’d like to homepage to be a list of categories that can be further drilled down (e.g. Real Estate, Finance, Investing) and then when you click on that tile it takes you to a directory list of people. One you click into a person it should take you to their profile page.

Homepage (categories list) → List of people based on category selected → profile page.

I’ve got the directory list and details page set up perfectly but can’t for the life of me figure out how to attach the list of people to each respective category.

Any guidance is appreciated.

What does your data look like?
Do you have everything in one big table, or do you have separate tables for Categories and People?

Ideally you should have two tables - Categories and People.
Your Categories table should be a list of all the unique categories.
And your people table should include a Category column that identifies which category each person belongs to.
In your Categories table, create a multi-relation column that matches the category with the category name in your people table.
On the UI, present a collection that uses your Categories table as a source.
The default action on the collection items will be to open a details screen for the selected category.
On that screen, add another collection component and set the source to be the multi-relation column. This will show you a list of people belonging to the selected category, and clicking a collection item will take you to the selected person’s details screen.

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One google sheet with multiple tabs.

Tab 1 = categories
Tab 2 = real estate people (10 columns including name and 9 other data attributes I want to list in their profile page)
Tab 3 = VC people (10 columns including name and 9 other data attributes I want to list in their profile page)
Tab 4 = Finance people (10 columns including name and 9 other data attributes I want to list in their profile page)

Do I need to use a Glide sheet for this? I got it to nest for one of the tabs but I want to map each category to each people tab and bring in the 9 other data attributes.

Are those “9 other data attributes” the same in each case?
If they are, I’d suggest combining all of those “People” sheets into a single sheet, and include an extra column that differentiates them - Real Estate, VC, Finance, etc. If you do it this way, you’ll find it much easier to manage in Glide. You’ll only have to build a single details screen, whereas the way you have it now you’ll need to build a separate details screen for every sheet.

And then you just take the approach that I described earlier - that is, a multi-relation column in your Categories table that matches the category with the category in your people table.

Ok I now have two sheets and the relations have been correctly mapped.

Where I’m stuck now is the UI. Here is how it’s setup:

and when I click into the real estate category it shows the people for “investing”

You should be using the relation as the source of your collection, not the Master sheet.

Here’s the data view


here, below… change that to use the relation that you created (“New Column”):

Thanks for being patient… it doesn’t allow me to select “new column”

Are you sure?
Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list, below “User Profile”.
As long as it’s a multi-relation (and it looks like it is), then it should be there.

Good man! :pray:

So I guess that means you found it? :wink:

All good now?
Let us know if we can help with anything else.

Yes. Thank you! Don’t worry this is just the start :slight_smile:

Now I need to figure out how to incorporate a voting system and filters :rofl:

Check out some of @Robert_Petitto’s tutorials. I believe he has one on each of those topics.