Maps, Inline List and Categories/Relations

I have 2 questions. I had to take a couple of months off and came back to a bunch of new features that I’m confused about.

  1. Making maps specific to categories. Ex: Food Vendors in cities and locations. I want them to be able to go into the food category and see a map of the places where they are located.

  2. I’m trying to get the categories set and it’s not working. I thought I created a relation but that’s not working either. I want someone to be able to choose the category and then see those lists.

The link is (

Hi Melissa,
for both, you need to use a Choice component which will be used to select the categories, and then to set filters (categories) to the inline lists (displayed as a map for 1, or a list or compact list for 2).

Have a look at the choice component documentation.

Hope this will help.

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For all of theses, you must need to build a relation colomns and specially for Multiple subcategorie take a look at this docs :wink:

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Thank you for the info. When I make a relation, it still states there is no relation for that. Even though I made one. What am I doing wrong?

Where are you seeing the message that “there is no relation for that”? Are you seeing it in the data tab when adding a Relation Column or when adding an ‘Inline List’, ‘List Relation’, or ‘Relation’ component. Some of the components depend how how you set up the relation in the data tab by selecting the Multiple checkbox or not. ‘Inline List’ and ‘List Relation’ work best with Multiple. ‘Relation’ works best with Single.