How long does it take for a new relationship to show up to be used as Values for an inline list component?

Hello, So
I made a relationships between categories and items
Rel 1: From Category List to Item’s Category (match multiple)
Rel 2: From Item’s Category to Category List (do not match multiple)

Now I am trying to trying to use the Rel 2 as Values in an inline list.

Somehow, when I click on Values, Rel 2 is NOT SHOWING UP AS AN OPTION FOR VALUES.

Any idea why that is? Does it take some time for Glide to show up new relationships in some components?


A single relation returns a single value, so it cannot be used in an inline list.

What is your end goal here?

I will have one inline list of categories at the top (like buttons)
and below that, I will have an inline list of items that match the current category/button pressed.

does an inline list only works with a Relationship that has the match multiple on?

neither relationship 1 or 2 show up as options for values. I must be doing something wrong.

you cant use match multiple for inline list

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  • Instead of using an Inline List for your category list, use a Choice Component.
  • Target that Choice Component at a User Specific column
  • Now create a multi-relation to your Items table, joining the User Specific column to the Items → Category Name
  • Display this multi-relation as an Inline List
  • The end result is that the inline list should be filtered according to which ever category is selected.

Thank you so much!! :smiley: