Is there a way to have clickable links in Table component?

As a part of the details page in my app, I am having a table component where I am displaying info - some are category types, some static info. For now, its a static display, can i make the text clickable so that i can display more results fulfilling the criteria.


If i click on DO i should be able to display all images which are under the category DO

If i click on Wildlife i should be able to display all images posted under the album Wildlife by the user

Hi, if I remember well, if you link a cell of the table to a relation, it will open another detail screen.

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Looks like am still not getting the hang of creating the Relations even after seeing numerous videos

Below is my situation or table structure

title, desc, email, category, series name
name, email,
User Lists
email, series name ( this list increases with each user adding more series )
category-list ( its a static list of 5 )

In the details page I have create a table where I am displaying Category, Rating, Series Name

a. I want to create a relation to display all images which comes under the same category ( may be from the same user or everyone )

B. I want to create a relation to display all images which are part of the same “series name”

I am assuming that the relation has to be created in the posts table , but if I do one based on series name between Posts and User Lists, I am not able to find or link it in the table view

Choose an Inline List component instead of Table to display all the related posts. You can also use Filter to further narrow down which posts are shown.

Or maybe List Relation might work

My idea is to have the text shown like “Category” or “Series Name” and which is a clickable link which leads to a page with related images. If I put an inline list then I wonder if the page gets too busy visually. I for once know that Robert has done similar implementation for it using Tags, but am struggling to replicate it through relations.

Try List Relation Component. Basically it will be a single line, like a Table, that you can name whatever you want “Category”, but you can assign it a Relation. However, it will only display the contents of that Relation based on the Relation you are currently in, or so it seems.

Another solution which might be better to use is Action Text with a Link to Screen action and use the Relationship for the Data. Through Link to Screen you can choose to display your Inline List.

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Though not inside the Table, managed to get it working using the concept of Relations - all thanks to the Relation Guru - Ben :wink:

Reference : Adding Tags to photos so dynamically searchable - #9 by Robert_Petitto