Table issue

I’m trying to create a simple table (Canteen items) in a larger App I created.
What I would like to have is a table where people tap on a category (eg Bakery, Snacks etc) then a table is displayed showing Item in one column and Cost in the other. I created a Test app to see if I could do it but it’s just not happening for me. In my test app I have 2 worksheets (one has 3 columns Item, Cost, Category) (the second worksheet has one column only ie Category.

  1. Anything wrong with the 2 worksheets?
  2. If nothing wrong it must be the relationships I’ve been trying to create.
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks, Jeanette

The sheets should be fine. Make the categories sheet your primary tab. Create a relation column in the categories sheet to link the category with the category in the item sheet. When you click on a category, it will open up the details for that category. Here you can add an inline list that uses the relation column to show all of the items in that category.

However, if you want to display the items in a basic table component, then you would probably need to create a single table instead with only three rows. One for each category. Each item will then have it’s own column (item name will be the heading) and in the column, you will list a price in the category row that the item belongs in. So in the end you will display a list of each category, and the details for each category will list the items with a price on that category.

See if that gets you closer.

Thanks Jeff

Your second suggestion did the trick!

Thanks so much!


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