Relations column not showing in inline component

So I’m building an app where each product should have Multiple tags, example: lost, career, love. I’m trying to create tags. Using relations for the same. Referring to this video : Glide: Create Searchable, Filterable and Clickable TAGS - YouTube

I can’t explain this here, please just help me create tags just like the ones in this video. I created tables. When i open inline list I can ONLY see table name “Tags Unique” for source, but cant’ see the column name “Relations_Tags Visible” that I want under data section.

As you can see in this screenshot, I can only see Junk, Junk, Unique Tags, Post title, BUT I CAN’T SEE “Relations_Tags Visible” column

First of all, relations contain rows. Not individual columns. If you need a specific column, then you need to use a lookup column to get to a specific column in that relation

Second, you are attempting to put a value that contains multiple values (an array) into a setting that only allows you to put in a single value. For something like that, you would need a joined list column instead of a lookup column to convert multiple values into a single delimited string value.

Finally, I think what you are really trying to accomplish, is to show an inline line where the source is the relation. But really, that relation should be on the books sheet because that’s the detail screen that you are currently viewing. Create the relation in the books sheet, and then you will be able to add an inline list that uses the relation as the source.


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