Inline list inside an inline list

Hello Everyone,

I have some troubles with inline lists.
I created an app which shows products organized by categories. On the main page, you find product categories (fish, meet etc), when you click on one of them it directs you to the products of this category.

Product categories → products matching the category chosen

What i want to add, is a page before that showing 3 others categories (new, available, non available) that redirects to a page with the product categories listed, and once i click for exemple on “meet”, I want to see the meet products, but only the ones that are in the category i choose at the begenning (new, available, non available).

Product availability → product categories → products matchin the availability & category chosen

If someone has an idea or anaything that would help i would be grateful !


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I’ll dig into that thanks a lot !!!

Did you figure this out?

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No… I thought I was on the right track but no…
In the example of Darren a product will always be a fruit or a vegetable, but in my case a product can have a different parent category from one day to another.

Here is a screen of my sheet, I want to link “gamme”, “catégorie” and “produit”. A product will always have the same category (meet, cheese…) but might change its range frome new to unavailable.

Today our app looks like this, we select a product category and then we see the products in this category. What we want is a step before the categories where we select the range : new, available…
(I’ll put the screen in another comment i’m limited to one picture per post)

Maybe the solution is in the link that Darren sent, but i don’t know how to do it

Thanks for your help!

Here is our main page where we select the product category

Then the products that are in the selected category “épicerie fine”

Yes, that’s quite doable.
It’s really just a matter of adding a choice component to your second screen to handle the additional filtering.

If you could share a sample sheet with me, I can quickly build a small concept app on top of that to demonstrate how to do it.


It would be very nice ! Thank you !

here is a sample sheet, with the basic data of our app needed for the example :

Can’t access that sheet. Can you make it publicly viewable? Then I’ll just make a copy.

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It’s done :wink:

Here you can maybe create a new Template Column that joints 0.25 with L like “num unité” and substitute num for the number and unité with the unité and display that column in order to have 0.25 L for example

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Yes that’s defenitely something I’ll do ! thanks for the advice :wink: