Different categories in Inline List

Hello how are you, I need to ask the following I hope to explain myself well. In the “Inline List” add-on I need certain products to be shown through visibility according to the category and interest of a user, for example, if a user likes the category “Restaurants” and “Vehicles” he can only see those ads. As additional information I have all the ads on a single sheet with the category column. Well I am not waiting for your great help, Greetings. https://prnt.sc/10kuias

Assuming you already have a data structure that enables a field that contains all interests of a user.

Let’s say I’m interested in Restaurants and Vehicles then my field should be “Restaurants, Vehicles”.

The inline list can show all items, grouped by the Category column, and only show items where the item category is included in the signed-in user’s Interests.

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ThinhDinh, THANKS, Exactly, how do I do that? How does the inline list filter and match that list of interests with the corresponding category in the listings on my sheet? I have everything but I don’t know how to put it together to make it work that way.
And I have all the listings on the same sheet and the category in a single column, is that right? https://prnt.sc/10kwud5

Do you have multiple inline lists of different categories or do you only have one but use the “group by” feature?

I just use an online list for all the listings with the sort by distance function

You can keep it as it is, follow my recommendation in my first comment, the only tricky thing is it seems that you’re storing the “favorites” as checkboxes. How many do you have in total?

What I have with checkbox in the login are the likes and interests. And there are 15,000 rows that contain different items with 8 different categories, but I can’t understand your recommendation, do I have to create some kind of “relationship” so that the inline list only shows those corresponding to the category selected at login? but how will you know what to show and what not to show? That’s what I do not understand

You don’t have to create a relationship, from your “likes and interests” checkboxes you would need to derive a column containing the text of all of the “true” checkboxes.

Let’s say I checked “Restaurant” and “Vehicles”, then my “Interests” would be “Restaurant, Vehicles”, a comma delimited list of interests that will only be stored in one cell.

Then your inline list would be filtered by item’s category is included in signed-in user’s interests.

And you could do this for me the truth is already melting my brain, how much would you charge me to do this?

You can share a copy of your Sheet with edit access to ariesarsenal@gmail.com. Later today in my time (GMT+7) I will take a look to see how you’re constructing your data and derive that column for you.

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ThinhDinh thank you I have already shared it with your email thanks in advance. :raising_hand_man:

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