Shopping cart issue

having a problem building a store / shopping cart … every tutorial i’ve seen simply clicks the buy button and it appears in the app. I have signed up to my stripe account and have created a store in my data field, not sure what else needs to be done but i have a picture of the item i wish to sell but can’t set it up with buy button

Have you added a buy button component to the screen and set it up to use data from the correct columns?

What happens when you click on the buy button?

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i think i set it up correctly, when i hit the buy button nothing happens, i can add a sidebar button but not the buy button …

can you show a screenshot?

You have your Product ID set to your description. Is your description column empty? Normally you would use a SKU or some kind of unique ID to identify the product. The Product ID cannot be empty.

ahhhh got it … now if i can figure out how to have size options i’ll be set =)

Thank you for purchasing! let me know if you need help with it.
If you planning to have big sales of your items, you might also consider my Stripe or PayPal, no fees custom buttons…

yes i’m not sure how am i supposed to intergrate it with my items for sale

copy and paste elements and columns… all my app starters can be ordered already integrated… by placing an order to combine apps:

not sure what you mean by place an order to intergrate … i thought buy purchasing color picker i would be able to use it in my own app … was i mistaken?

yes, but only by copy elements and columns, Glide does not have options to combine Apps, so you need to do that manually,
All my apps have that option, but only to combine with my Apps

this is what i’m seeing once i intergrate to my sheet … not making sense to me, but i’m new at this

you need to copy all css codes in rich text components

yes i do not know what css codes or rich text components are … i thought the idea of this was that you can make an app without being a programmer

i would just like to offer different color and size options which i thought would be easier with your app

my apps are for advanced users, but this one should not give you much work to adapt