The buy button is neither visible nor configurable when I add it to a form

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I am working on an app. Two of my tabs list products and have a detail form with a buy button (two buy buttons).
I added a new tab to my google sheet for delivery times, created a tab to display the list of times, and then on the details related to the list I added the Buy button component. But it does not show up on the details form. And there are no properties I can configure on the Buy button (except for visibility but I put no filters on it). Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

I have the exact same problem. I followed these instructions (Buy button not appearing) but the problem persists. I have a hackathon deadline tomorrow! Please, help!

You have to make sure Name, Product ID, and Price are all being filled with values. Otherwise if any of those columns are empty, the button will not show.

Hi Jeff, we’ve made sure the product ID, product name & price exists in the excel sheet, but the buy button still doesn’t appear. Could someone please kindly share a screen recording? Thank you

@Charlotte_Zhao Could you PM me your Glide account’s email? I’ve looked into the account attached to your Community email and have noticed you haven’t connected your Stripe account.

You have to attempt to configure the Buy Button, then connect your Stripe account before you can select any properties for the Buy Button. We do this so that your app users aren’t exposed to a “broken” store, but I suppose we could make this process easier.

@Rob_Kraft It seems that you also have the same issue. You’ll need to connect a Stripe account first.

Hi @Daniel_Sweet thank you for the quick reply. We are connected to Stripe. I’ve sent you a PM with more details. Thank you!

I am having this exact problem. My stripe account is connected. The fields on price, product id and name are also filled. The buy button was appearing earlier and when I changed the layout it disappeared and I can’t get it to appear again. Was this issue resolved? Please post the fix. Thankyou!

Are you using any Glide created columns or are they all columns from your sheet?

They are all columns from my sheet. No glide created columns.

My only thought would be if any of the fields are empty, but since you are saying they are filled, I’m not sure. You could try removing and re-adding the buy button.