Buy button not appearing

My app’s URL:

On the profile tab, I try to add a Buy button, but the Buy button is not appearing.

Even after Stripe is connected, Buy button is not appearing

And, there are no filters

That is strange. Is it still happening? Have you tried: refreshing your screen, deleting & re-adding, turning off content blockers?

Yes, I did that. The strange thing, is it works with any other sheet, but only with this sheet, it is not working. I tried deleting and adding again, but it doesnt work with this sheet. I changed the name of the sheet, but it still doesnt work. No content blockers, Is there any conditions associated with a sheet for a Buy button?

I fixed it. I find that if there is no price field or the price field is empty, then the buy button does not appear. I didnt have a price column. I added the price column and added a value to it, and then the Buy button appeared.

Thanks. Glideapps is awesome. I love it.

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Though I got it fixed, I still have this issue appearing with another sheet. So, there seems to be a bug, and I dont know if it was luck that got it fixed earlier. In another sheet, I had a price column with a value in it, but the Buy button did not appear. Please look into it.

Does the row in question have an item name, item price, and item SKU?

It didnt have the item SKU. I added a column for Item SKU with alphanumeric codes in it. And, it worked. Thanks :blush:

So, I guess, it needs name, price and product ID for the Buy button to appear

I am having this issue.
My table have all the required information but I can’t get the button to appear.
This is my app link

Can you show us a screenshot of the configuration for the buy button? Do you have any visibility conditions for it?

I have fixed the issue by deleting and recreating the whole tab…
Not ideal but i can use the buy button now.
Thanks! @ThinhDinh

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That’s weird, but glad you got it sorted!