How do I SUBMIT then BUY?

Sorry guys.

I’m having a trouble with the form!

I want my users to submit the form and buy at the same time.

If the user submits without buying, they’ll have to click into the form again before they can buy. Or if the buy without submitting, then I won’t be able to get their details.

Am I just missing something here? Please help me out.

My advice for this situation would be to have the user submit the form, then have them open the form submission, which would then allow them to click on the buy button.

The buy button only works with google sheet columns, so if a form hasn’t been submitted yet, then there is nothing to buy.

I don’t know what you are trying to achieve, but you can set up your app so whatever they are submitting in the form isn’t visible until the the purchase is completed. You can set up a VLOOKUP in google sheets to look for the appropriate value in the App: Sales sheet and mark a column to make the submitted form row show in the app.

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Hey Jeff,

Just to clarify, do you mean to:
Click form button --> Submit form --> (page returns to form button page) --> Click form button again --> Click Buy button

Let me explain what I’m trying to accomplish.

I’m trying to allow users to make a personalized note to detail their orders before making a purchase.
i.e. if ordering coffee - Latte with 2 sugars and skimmed milk

The form’s purpose is to capture the details --> 2 Sugars + Skimmed milk

But the problem here is that it can’t capture that data, then lead to the buy button.

No, you don’t want to go back into the form via the form button. You want to somehow display that submitted record and then have the buy button within the details view of that submitted record. Basically you would want to create your own “cart” or order sheet where the items in that “cart” then have the buy button. Unfortunately you will need to use the VLookup in the sheet to link the order sheet to the app: sales sheet so you can confirm that the order was paid for.

I will admit, I do tend to shy away from questions that involve e-commerce type apps. I usually feel that there isn’t a one size fits all solution. Most solutions like this are highly dependent on the design and flow of the app. I don’t have any apps like this that use the buy button but I do know that there are some limitations that require undesired workarounds. I can only give advice on the concept, but I don’t have any samples of a specific use case. There are however several examples throughout the forum and templates available to process orders with different customizations.

Same to be honest. I think what people expect from the Buy Button that Stripe supports is much more than what we have now. It should support Glide columns and the add to cart button should allow a user-specific quantity, for example.

The buy button not supporting Glide columns has made flows like this hard to achieve.