Product variants with buy button?


I’m setting up a small app for a friend that started to do deliveries with his restaurant.

I see there’s already some very nice app (hey Markerpad!), but this solution is not taking account of “product variations”. I mean, here’s my scenario:

Food Kit €20

You have to pick one kind of cured meat between 5 (salami, prosciutto, pancetta, etc) and one kind of cheese (pecorino, gorgonzola, mezzano, etc).

The price doesn’t change based on the choice, I just need to let the customer chose the products, and let my friend know what choices the customer made in his order.

I’ve been trying with Checkbox, Choice, Note, but nothing as they will write in the sheet and I suppose with multiple customers is going to overwrite things.

Does anyone of you has ever tried to set something similar, or know how could I approach this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You’d probably need to create choice components in the buy form for each of the selections (meats, breads, cheeses). Have the choice components write to a dedicated column for each.

I’m working on a similar project and this was/is a struggle.

I replaced my buy button with a form for my variants, and added a buy button to the bottom of the form. Users still need to push ‘submit’ on the form, but it works. This is for the coffee beans item in my shop –

Wondering if there is a way to add to cart & submit the form in one action.

Hi Sean, thanks for the hint.

Where in your app I can see it in action? I can’t find any product with “variant”

Select the coffee beans item and select the button

Oh I see. Well, looks like a fair solution!

But I guess you receive the form submission anyway, even if the customer doesn’t actually purchase, correct?

And how you set the notification to you for the order details?

That’s correct. I have a spreadsheet built with Zapier that imports all Stripe transactions. I only pay attention to these as orders. If there is an order with coffee beans, I’ll check the other sheet and reference the email address for the details.

Not ideal, especially because a user will have to fill out their email each time.

Also haven’t figure out how to collect a phone number for each user. For deliveries, we’ll need this info to connect with customers.

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For notifications – I have Zapier send an email every time an order comes in through Stripe.

I also have an automated email sent to customers after status is set to ‘delivered’ in my order spreadsheet. That automated email has info on how to tip.

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@mrdobelina – Curious if you found a solution.

We soft launched our app today, and this is the one point of confusion.

Customers need to click ‘submit form’ AND ‘add to cart’. Most are missing one or the other.

Will need to find a solution so both are done in the same action/click.

What if you use the form to write all of your products and quantities to a sheet with email and unique ID or row id. In essence a homemade shopping cart or a build order process. Then show the list to the user, have them add to the actual cart, and then have them complete their purchase. I’m envisioning that the unique ID or row id could be your SKU (Product ID). That way you have all the information you need to link the app:sales sheet to the order sheet.

Hi Sean, sorry but finally I haven’t found any solution!