Can add more variants to shop cart?

Hi guys it is posible to add more variants or product info to the shopping cart? I’m trying to make a website to sell customized products (such as a mug or a t-shirt with your image and text) for that I need the users can upload images, write text and select a color … but I have some issues, the main thing is that I can’t add more variants to the shopping cart, I need the user be able to upload up to 4 images per product and fill 2 lines of text (max 10 characters) also select 1 color from the variety of colors that will be offered…

So my question is: exist any way to use the buy button inside a form? or can I use stripe with any plugins that allow me to process more variants?

ill be grateful if somebody can help me with that… thanks guys!

Off the top of my head I suggest you use a Form Component to create these custom orders, giving them a unique ID and the email of the logged in users via the Special Values components. That is where the users could upload images and make choices. Then you would show all the custom orders for a given user on another page and in the details view of the orders have your buy button. Within the edit you would have the buy button. Then using the unique ID as the Product ID in the Buy Button you could later link the custom orders to the purchase.

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thanks for your help George, I will try this to see if work for me. thank you!!