Using cart without billing and save cart to sheet

Hi @david,

In our call couple of weeks ago we talked about not having a billing solution in IL as well as all other countries which stripe is not supported.

We talked about having option to use the whole add to cart and cart itself as option to save to the sheet so we can use external trigger to billing.

I wonder if there been anything with that. The project we talked about last night would benefit hugely from it as it much better then the cart I manually created.



@david, @Mark

Any update with this option?

I think you need to create a cart using a form, and not Stripe’s.
Because as far as I understand, the cart right now lives in Stripe, not in Glide.

Thanks, I already created a cart manually but as you can imagine it’s not very beautiful.

I didn’t know the cart is part of stripe, I thought only the payment part goes via stripe

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This isn’t something we’ll likely support soon.

The shopping cart is part of Glide, not part of Stripe.

I understand. May I ask why? This could help a lot until you’ll support alternative payment solution to strip which is not supported in many countries

The reason for why we don’t do some things is almost always that we have very limited resources and we think other things are more important. That’s the case here, too.

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Ok. Thanks