"Price" on Stripe Payment

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I have tried to use promo codes to help my client to work with influencers. So, If the promo code is correct the final price is 10% discounted. I did everything correctly, the promo code is a “mark as protected” column and the final price is a IF-THEN-ELSE column. Finally I use a “TEMPLATE” column to match the IF-THEN-ELSE final price and transform to “Number” and that is the “Price” I use on Stripe Payment.

Everything looks okey until I do the payment. It says that “the element is not available”. If I use a static column price it works. So the problem is that Stripe does not detect advanced glide columns as “TEMPLATE” converted to numbers.

Is there any chance to solve this? My client is so interested.

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Stripe only gets info from GS. In that case you will have to make all those calculations in the google sheets.


Okey, I get it. So, if I want to know if the user has put correctly the promo code on a text field. I’ll have to do a form and afterwards say to Google Sheet to do the calculation. But it will take 1 to 3 minutes to appear the correct price on the app. That’s not the best solution obviously… :frowning:

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Maybe @ThinhDinh, @Jeff_Hager or @Robert_Petitto have a better way to help you.

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Perhaps you could have two price columns in the google sheet. Then have two buy buttons—one for promos (visible only if the code is correct) and the other for a standard subscription.


This :point_up_2:


Thank you so so much @Robert_Petitto and @SantiagoPerez. I have solved the problem but I encountered another one right now. When I buy a product I want to know on App sales: tab on Google Sheet which has been the promo code, because I have different promo codes. I have tried to put the promo code in on the “description” on the Stripe ajustments and the sale works but after I don’t see on GS. And when I put the promo code on the “name” instead the payment does not work.

There is a solution for that? The other thing I could do is to have an app for each influencer… but I not sustainable.

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Just like you have a separate column for price, also have a separate column for product ID, which could include the discount code as part of that product ID. The main thing you need to remember is that stripe will not work with any glide columns. It will only work with columns that are in the sheet.

Edit: Corrected spelling of ID. :man_facepalming:


Yes! Thank you so much @Jeff_Hager I love glide community!