Buying different tickets for the same event

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I am building a reservations app that has different types o tickets for the same event. For example, for the theatre event at 1PM, a user can buy 2 adult tickets, 1 kid ticket and 1 grandma ticket. All of these have different prices. And at the same time I have different shows, not only that one.

I am managing to add up all the tickets, but when ut gets to calculate the total, I can’t manage to print it so that Stripe can read it for the buy button. Anyone has any idea on how to do this?

In case it helps, the structure of the database sheets is the following:

  • Users
  • Event spots (whenever the event happens and what kind of session is)
  • Bookings
  • Event categories
  • Events - Users - Prices


You can’t use computed columns with the Stripe Buy Button. It only works with Basic columns for security reasons. You need to structure your app so it writes that computed total to a basic column. Only then can you use it with the Buy Button


´thanks for your reply. It means that I would have to do the calculation in a different sheet and then print the final price in the sheet that’s used for the payment? Will it work if the value is brought from one sheet to another? Do you know any templates that do this so I can check it out?

Thanks a lot beforehand!

As long as you find a way to calculate the final price using a Sheet column, your buy button will work.

The price field used for Stripe cannot be a calculated field. It needs to be a basic field type. Maybe you could use an action that takes the calculated number and places it in the basic field type mapped to Stripe?

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Do this and use a checkout button that simply inputs the the calculated amount into the column you need. Keep in mind you can build your own actions now. Using those actions in this manner is quite simple and once you get the hang of it you will never give it a second thought.

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Thanks everybody, I have found a solution already by doing the calculation directly in the Google Sheet.