Hey hey!

I have an app in glide Glide

an audiobook app…I hope this link works.

I am selling audio content and after working well for 2 days my customers are now getting a message that says this item is no longer available when they try to purchase an audiobook…any suggestions on how to fix this?

I assume you are using the Stripe Buy Button? Are you using any computed columns for the data you are passing to stripe?

Yes, I am using Stripe Buy Button…and yes, I am using computed columns…My app was created by someone else so I am still learning how the data column work

You cant use computed columns for stripe data, before showing the buy button, make sure all values used by stripe, are copied to regular columns like text or number, the best way to do that is to use a button that takes the user to a confirmation screen with additional action to set columns - copy all computed columns

Uzo, I’m super confused…The buy button was working fine and then it wasn’t. My App:Sales sheet is all text and numbers.
I still don’t know why when a user goes to purchase an item it says it’s unavailable

When we say computed columns, we mean any column that is not a basic column. Computed columns include lookup, math, rollup, etc. Anything that is not basic data from your tables. If you are using any computed columns in your stripe settings instead of basic columns, then it will not work. Have you made any recent changes to your app or to the buy button setting to use any computed columns? This has nothing to do with your app: sales sheet. That sheet is only a log of completed purchases. It is written by glide, but not used by glide.

you have to use non computed columns in stripe buy button data, so if the price is calculated let’s say: price * quantity = total price, then you have to write that sum in a static column before going to a buy button and use that column as your price value…
this is to protect against unwanted changes from dynamic columns when the user is in the process of paying