Stripe is not working?

I connected my Stripe account to glide. But I could not finish checking out. It says that the purchase is not possible anymore.

I think there is no problem with the Stripe account itself.

Maybe there is a minimum amount required for checking out? (I tried with ¥80=$0.7)

I would appreciate it if anybody could help me out!


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You can use Stripe by adding Buy Button in the detail view

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Hi @gshirato,

There’s currently an incompatibility between computed columns and the Buy Button. We’re working on a fix for it. If you can somehow move the computation of your price into the sheet, the Buy Button should immediately work.

Stripe does have a minimum transaction price, but it’s only clearly defined as $0.50 USD. We’re not certain of the minimum for other currencies.


Okay I will try that, thank you.