Stripe Purchases Not Working All of a Sudden

All of a sudden, my Stripe integration with Glide isn’t working. I tried using a test card and a real card and I’m getting errors no matter what. Is anyone else experiencing this right now? The issue started Aug 6 for me.

I got the “The card can’t be verified right now” error when using an actual card that isn’t having issues in real life.

I got the “Something went wrong. Please try again later.” error when using a test Stripe card.

Also, this is a free product, one with a price of $0.00. This buy button was working before. I’m not sure what changed to make it not work right now.

Card Cannot Be Verified

The last I had read several months ago was that Stripe doesn’t work with small amounts. I can’t imagine that a price of zero would work as there are usually transaction fees in play when not using test cards.

Thanks, @Jeff_Hager. I’ll see if there’s something I can do to raise it - or collect “purchaser” info some other way, since the item is free.

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@Paris_Smith Please try your purchases in the builder, using test card information, whenever you run into an error that doesn’t seem helpful while running your app.

We don’t display some known error cases in the app itself, because we feel that it would be embarrassing to tell your own end users “this purchase is too cheap to process”.

In this particular case, it’s true that Stripe won’t accept a zero-dollar amount for a transaction. I’m not sure what the intent is with capturing a card for a zero-dollar amount. Stripe won’t let you re-use cards that are only set up for one-time purchases, which are currently the only purchase kinds we support.

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Hey, that makes complete sense. Where is the builder? I don’t know that I’ve ever used it. The intent was just to capture certain purchaser user information.

You point out something else I didn’t know - When you say

do you mean that if we have a recurring price option set up in Stripe, Glide won’t recognize it/support it? If yes, that shouldn’t be an issue, as we can monitor that through Stripe itself and make any necessary changes once alerted a customer didn’t pay for that next monthly payment.

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We do not support Stripe subscriptions, only one-time purchases.

The “builder” is the “app builder,” where you build your app. You’ve definitely used it!

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:laughing: Oh yea, most definitely! Ok, thanks for the clarification! I test my app in the builder AND on mobile most times. In the builder is where I was getting those error messages. I’ve removed the buy button and implemented a form button instead. It’s working as I need it to now. Take care!

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@Paris_Smith Thanks for reporting this, by the way! We’re supposed to be showing you an informative message whenever you try to make a purchase that Stripe doesn’t support. It looks like there are still a few cases where we can’t show you an appropriate message. We’ll work on adding informative error messages for those cases, too.