Payments using Stripe

My payments keep coming through in test mode. If I need to update my API key with my live key where do I go in the App or integration to do this? Already spoke with Stripe this is how I know its coming through in test mode. I took off test mode in stripe which gave me a new API for live.

If you test your app OUTSIDE the builder, you’ll be able to test with your live Stripe account, vs the sandbox version in the builder.

@eltintero, are you saying Glide has a sandbox version? If so, how do we get to it?

when you’re in the glide builder, you’re automatically using the sandbox version of stripe.
When you open the app in the public link, you’re using the live version of stripe.
There’s nothing you have to do.

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I did test it outside the builder and it still didn’t work so I called stripe and they said it was in test mode. so I took it out of test mode on stripe, but it is still not working.

are you using the native Glide buy button or your own?

As far as I know I’m using the native Glide button.

did you connect Stripe to your bank account?


Every time I try to make a real payment it says " Something went wrong. Try again later" but the fake credit card works

your values for checkout are coming directly from calculated columns?

not sure what that means. I had the experts do the app for me. this payment button was added later

how do you feed Stripe fields? like item name… price?

the Glide Expert told me to reach out to the community

values for stripe have to come from static columns… meaning you have to save values first in regular columns like text or number, before using Stripe buy button

It is for a subscription> here is a screenshot

Glide does not offer subscriptions… only regular payment… show me where the values for these buttons coming from

Well this is set up for one payment at a time and they will no longer be able to see info if they do not go in and pay each month/ 6months/ year. I cant even get one payment to go through. Here is a screen shot of the data screen

show me the button right panel, do you have any computed values there?

not sure what you want me to show you