"This product no longer exists" - Stripe integration

Hiya, I’m trying to add the stripe-integrated “Buy” button to my app. I’d tested it with a duplicate of my project and it worked fine, however when I tried to replicate the process in my main project I get the error “This product no longer exists” after I test it with a testing card number in the builder. One difference I noticed is that the App: Sales table doesn’t autogenerate in my Google Sheets as it did when I previously tried it.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Are you using any computed columns in your stripe settings?

Having gone down this road recently; what I found is you can only use a testing card in the builder. If you “test” it inside a running app, you should use a real card.

I think Glide automatically uses the sandbox in the builder and the live API in a running app.

And in my experience, the only way to get rid of the “this product no longer exists” error is to use my own cart table, and don’t rely on Glide’s hidden cart. I could not get it to work unless I used my own cart. I kept getting that error over and over again, and could not delete the item from my cart.

Thanks for your response! I don’t have any computed columns in Stripe, I do have a few computed columns in Glide, however nothing that should be affecting what I’ve added in the Button’s settings.
Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 11.33.50 AM

Hey David! Sorry, I should have clarified - I was testing it within the builder. I’m using a one-off purchase instead of a cart so I think I might only need a Sales table. Any tips on how to create my own table and have the purchase still go through Glide?

The App:Sales table will auto generate once a payment is processed. You don’t need to create it. Nothing is jumping out to me as being wrong. I don’t use stripe, so I don’t have a good way to test it myself. I guess I would just make sure that all of your columns have a value in them.

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SOLVED: For some reason testing it in the builder didn’t work, but as soon as I tried it in the live published version the payment went through.


Hi Jeff, what do you use or recommend for payment processing?

I don’t use any payments in my apps.

There are several posts regarding PayHere in the forum that several people have use.
There is also a resent post regarding PayRequest as well.

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