What is the Minimum Transaction of Stripe?

Hey! Can anyone please tell me what is the minimum transaction I can set for my stripe in glide?

Hey @Hassan_Nadeem
What do you mean by minimum transaction?
If you don’t have add to cart enabled it is pretty easy just to make sure your products have the min price you want.
Or do you want to have a minimum total cart amount before payment is made possible?

If thats the case i am not sure it is possible as Glide only embed the stripe gateway with products from your data sheet.
There is no restriction regarding the price amount and I am not sure why you would need that anyhow

Can you elaborate on your requirements?

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If you’re asking about the minimum transaction amount allowed from Stripe I think it’s 0.5 USD.


Hey XceL, what I mean to ask is What is the minimum price I can set for my products in glide? If I set them to $0.5, will the stripe allow me to complete the transaction?

Yes, I am asking about this. Are you sure about $0.5? I once read a message by David that it is $5.00 but I can’t find that thread anymore. Can you please confirm from someone?

Stripes give the min amount per currency at this link:

hope that clarifies


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