Set up cart, checkout and payment options

Hi can anyone walk me through how to set up the checkout and payment area? What are the Steps. I already have a Stripe account set up.

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Hi @Emmanuel_Kesse

  1. Might be easier just to download the the Glide SWAG template from the template statute at You could use it as your visual guide.

  2. Depending on the products you can decide whether the payment button is all that you need or both the payment button and stripe cart.

  3. If consumers are restricted to one product per transaction then the payment button is all you will need. To grab the payment button, on your glide dashboard press + top right hand corner, in the search bar type in payment button, of which there is only one, add it anywhere in the product screen. Open the button and check/uncheck any boxes you don’t need. That’s it. They select the item, pay and wait for delivery (unless a digital product).

  4. You have multiple product collections. You will need the cart. Open the tabs bar on your dashboard to your left. The cart is hidden at the very bottom. Pull it all the way up and place it amongst the main tabs return to your app screen and you should now see your cart. Next open the products tab, then payment button, and check add to cart box (if unchecked). Press the button. Should see the “added” notification. Go to the cart. Place a dummy order. Just follow the on screen instructions.

That’s it I think.