Stripe integration should be available in lower plans

I have a feature request,
The integration with stripe should be on the lower plans, and even free.
The whole point of me using glide and the other community members is to make money from glide. And most of the glide community are trying to find workarounds and third party softwares to help integrate their business plan.
Why not make it easier for all of us like other low code app builders.
We need to get the ability to integrate stripe with ease. Or minimal configuration. At least on starter plan.
What do you all suggest.?
Payhere charges are extra. And stripe basically offers the same features.
Integration should be easier than this. We the creators should focus on building and scaling the business in this early stage. Not trying to find workarounds and sharing links to make and then integrating it with Google sheets and then to stripe and going back… it’s. A tedious process.