If → Then → Else Column + Stripe

Hi guys, so I wonder if anyone knows if it’s possible to set If → Then → Else Column with Stripe.

What I am trying to approach is the client choose the quantity of product units they want. So, the app will charge regarding the quantity.

Let’s say I have “Product A” which price is 10€/unit . The user will be able to choose with the functionality “Choice” the quantity, and then depending of the units quantify, the app will show the total price.

Hopefully someone can help!


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Should be able to. As long as you use the math column, you should be able to multiply the product price by the quantity value of the choice component. Whatever price you pass into the Buy button is the price that is charged.

Thanks Jeff, I will try to do it! thanks for your response :slight_smile:

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Hi JFelix I am Valerio from Rome did you solve the problem ? I am geting crazy …

I don’t use If-then->Else column in my APP but it works according to you are needing.
Neither Stripe and Buy button

Take a look at https://pizzeria.glideapp.io


Sorry, for technical reasons the Buy Button only works with columns that are present in the spreadsheet. We’ll fix this limitation at some point.

Thanks this is a nice solution until the the glide team will fix some problems with Buy Button and Stripe Checkout form …do you have a public template for your app ?
Thamk You again and W Venezuela

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Hello Mark,

Do you have some visibility on the possibility to use user specific columns for the buy button data inputs?

I had to create my own cart, which is quite complex to do knowing that on top of the aforementioned issue, the roll function does not allow to make sum calculation on user specific columns neither.



Sorry, I can’t give you an ETA on that.