If-Then-Else + Buy Button's Product Info?

Hello… Please review.

  1. I am using an If-Then-Else that reflects a pricing change when selecting a “Protein” value.

  1. Within the Buy Button’s Product Info, the If-Then-Else values aren’t available for “Price” to indicate an upcharge/additional charge…

You cannot yet use computed columns for the price.

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Ok, looking forward to it… I would love to have this in place before I make the switch to the Agency Plan for the majority of my food-based clients. Thanks for the rapid response!



We plan to support it but it’s hard!


I can understand that. I appreciate the Glide Team’s continued effort to give us a plethora of unique ways to build great useful apps!


Do you think it will work in your glide sheets?

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Yes using AND / IF Functions in Sheets. I’d rather have the convenience and cleanliness of the Data Editor :nerd_face:

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