What IF?

Guys, thanks for great update with If This Then That functionality. According to you screenshot you can get the info of the ‘formula’ by mouse over or something, but whatever I try I don’t see that. I only see the delete functionality. What do I do wrong?

I did find out how to use this functionality though.

Im so happy this functionality exists! :star_struck:

Just need a tutorial on how it works. Can I change a field? Can I concatenate a text from other fields? Need more info. @david @JackVaughan help please?

There might be a misunderstanding here. If/Then/Else is a computed column which in each row produces one of a few texts that you enter, depending on the values of other columns in the same row. It does not execute an action, which means it can’t change a field.

To concatenate texts from fields you can use the Text Template computed column.

To be clear @Mark, I realize I cannot change a field as this is a column computed by Glide, not my spreadsheet. I need to rephrase.

In my example below, I am creating a Form, and once I hit Submit, I would then need the If/Then/Else column to produce a user email based on a column from another sheet in the same spreadsheet.

So how would I be able to use this function? Or what would I select?

Or, better question, Am I using the correct funtion?

Could you describe exactly what you want “Pub Email” to be?

The person’s email address that is associated with their name. So essentially, when I choose a name from a list of another sheet that is already populated with their information, such as Name and email, their email would populate in the submitted form. Would I need to use a relation column to make this work?

You would need to use a Relation column to get the row associated with the person’s name. To then get their email address out of that relation you’d have to use the Lookup computed column, which is coming soon :slight_smile:

Mark, what I miss is that you can see which ‘rule’ you added to a column after doing so, now using your example doesn’t learn me a lot because it only shows the result not the how. And as a user I expect to be able to change the ‘rule’ as well. But minor point in the bigger scheme of things. Love it!

Until the lookup feature becomes available, you would need to use a VLOOKUP in your sheet to get an email that matches the name.

We’ll make it more discoverable, but double-click on the column header to edit it after creation.

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Ah OK, thanks!

@david, @Mark
Where can I find the documentation for all 3 option if the adding column?

  1. Relations
  2. Template
  3. What if

Appreciate the help

When I double click on the Meeting Rooms data column I don’t see anything happen? I seem to have double clicked everywhere.

We don’t have it yet.

ah ok

@yinon_raviv Here are the relations tutorials: https://docs.glideapps.com/all/guides/intermediate-techniques/introduction-to-references

I’m working on the other two right now.

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Thanks @JackVaughan. I’ve read this already. Was looking more for the other two and also for something on relations as they appear with special columns in some of the templates. Wanted to learn the logic of how it’s done.

@yinon_raviv - have started a new section in our documentation for the data editor - you’ll find them here as I make them: https://docs.glideapps.com/all/reference/data-editor

Let me know what your questions are about those templates in another thread maybe.

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Well explained @JackVaughan. This helps plenty. Thanks.

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