If Then Else - Calculate on the "Then"

Hi I need to be able to calculate within the “THEN” part of the statement

But all I can enter for the THEN section is a column title OR a math statement - not both

Is there any way I can use a column plus a math statement ?

Add a math column in your Glide data, calculate the (Working Fee/2)*(.05) for all cases. Let’s say it’s named “Fee”.

Then add an If > Then > Else stating:

  • If At full bareme? is True then Fee (assign the column).
  • Else 0.
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Thank you for the work arround - Strange that the THEN part of the statement can’t include a calculation !


Thanks - that worked just fine -
and thanks to the Glide team - App No.2 now finished - loving it !

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@Mike_Greene great suggestion! It makes total sense that glide should work the way you originally tried.


I know what you feel @Mike_Greene

I have been waiting something like this too:

In this way, we could write values to any field directly and have some kind of logic within Data Editor and make it more powerful. My example will be the easiest way to create a reset button and clear other fields/values directly.