Donation button

Is it possible to set up the buy button so the customer select what they want to pay? I am creating a donation app and I would love to let my clients to donate however much they feel like.

I think it’s possible.

  • The simplest way would be to create a number entry component on a donate page. Let the user type in a number, then pass that column value into the buy button.
  • To make this better and prevent multiple users from updating the same column value at a time, create user specific donation pages using per user data and filtering. This will allow each individual user to set their own donate value. This will require a Public with Email or Whitelist privacy setting.
  • The third option is to wait for the User Specific Data column type to be released. This should function the same as the second option, but without the extra rows for each user.

When will the User Specific Data column type be released?


Not sure. Anxiously waiting myself, so I can stop suggesting multiple per user records. :wink:

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A few of the apps I wrote do. This one does exactly what Jeff’s first bullet says. It isn’t an email log in user type so the next user would see what the last donated to the given person they were donating to. I did mitigate that by writing a script that resets that value on a timed trigger however, so unless the next donation is coming right away it resets.

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Are you able show the functionality on the back end? I am not sure how to route people to the buy-page after selecting the amount. I also am not to sure how you wrote the script. Could you please help me a bit with this?

Also how did you remove the “submit” button when using forms?

Each one of the buttons are Buy Button Components. The properties of which are set in the component.

Writing a good script in Google Sheets is not something that would be a trivial task for a non programmer, and you could say that Glide has not part in it. The script was written as part of a consulting engagement with a client so I can’t share it.

I’m not sure what you mean. There is no submit button on forms in Glide. In fact there have been a few requests to add one instead of the one in the upper right of the screen, but it’s only been a few who want it as an option.

I sent you a message previously. I was actually referring to this. I was wondering if we could talk more about this.