Make donations with buy button

Is there a way to allow users to make donations by specifying the amount of money that will be charged to their card or something along those lines.

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I would image if you use a field for price that can be updated by the user, then yes. But this would probably require per user data and a record for each user so if one person changed a value, it wouldn’t change for everyone. I’m starting to think that it would be beneficial to have the ability to add/ edit values that would not be updated back to the spreadsheet. This would be great for your situation or one-off calculators.


The per-user data method is something im already using. Just wondering if there were any more options. Thanks!

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@jesschrist I’m looking to do exactly this now! Did you find another way around it? And if not, would you mind giving a quick outline of how you did it using per user data and a record?

Thanks so much!

one way is give the option to add item to the item page allowing them to input the amount they want to donate in this case it would be the price. then it becomes avail. as an item to pay for. filter by signed in user so they only see their entries n the item list.

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