In App Purchase?

With the in app purchase or buy button feature… would that work if I am designing an app for church where I would want the user to put in their amount that they wish to give?

You need to specify the amount ahead of time, so you could create different tiers for people to give: $5, $10, $50, etc.

As David said, you must specify it before hand. Can you try creating a user-specific column in the sheet where you have that buy button, let people input the amount they want to give (or pre-defined tiers as David recommended), and point that user-specific column to the price?

From what I’ve seen, glide columns don’t work. Product Name, Product ID, and Price need to come from sheet columns.

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Oh so the only way is to record them to the sheet first using a choice like David said?

Ok. So if I have Multiple Choice amounts for users to select the amount… how would I then communicate that to the buy button/in app purchase!?

Can you try recording that to a column you create from the sheet, then point that column to the price field?

Correct. It may seem like it will work if you use glide columns…until you try to complete the purchase, then you get an error saying the item is no longer available. I’ve only seen the purchase work if you are using sheet columns.

I would create several buy buttons, and then conditionally show each one depending on the choice selected. Or just show all the buttons at once.