Custom cart - buy button - this item is no longer available

can anyone help advice why I get this message (item no longer available) when I use the buy button?
for the product info in the configuration panel:
I have used basic text columns for Name, Description, Product ID and basic number column for price. image empty.
could it be because the buy button is in a screen based on data from the Orders Sheet not the Products Sheet ? are buy buttons only to be placed in product details?

appreciate any help
here is a link

Do you have row owners in your app?

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yes in the Orders Sheet, the user email and admin email are both row owners.
hence if you use the app without signing in, when moving from checkout to shipping, all data is lost as you can’t access your order.
will be sorting this out soon to allow guest checkout.

Thank you very much.
I removed row owners from the ORDERS sheet & the buy button works now.

will look to find a way to make the information in the ORDERS sheet more secure without using Row Owners…

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Yeah, our agency faced this exact problem probably a year ago. I haven’t tried it myself, but probably you can integrate PayHere for a custom checkout process.