Is there a limit to how many users can sign in to my Pro app?

Are there limits to how many users can sign into my app (for the Pro price plan)
I’m not talking about teams or white listed emails etc.
I need most users to be able to sign into the app so that we can show content that’s unique to them. I was under the impression that anyone can sign in?

The pricing page outlines the user limits per plan

Your team dashboard should also indicate the same. If it’s different, then you may have been grandfathered into older plan limits.

Based on the current Pro plan limits, you should be allowed 500 signed in public users per month.


Wow, i never knew these limits existed (i thought those limits were for people in teams who have access to the backend)
Do you know what is the maximum number of signed in public users that a Glide app can handle (on biggest plan)

How much money you got? Probably as many as you can negotiate on an Enterprise plan.

The aim is to have 100,000 users +
I assume that with the 10 million row option we get all the same functionality in the app as the 25K rows plans? Really hoping this is the case.

You would have to discuss that with Glide Sales. I don’t know how many users they would allow, or how much it would cost. As far as features, you would definitely not have less functionality compared to other lesser plans.

Thanks for the reply, i’ll try contact support to get details for max users etc. Thanks again.

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Keep in mind, I believe you cannot use Big Tables as the Users Table


Adding into this: A joined list column can not target computed columns.



(I added a issue for that one yesterday after we spoke)