Pro Page User Limitation

I’m about to sign up for pro page plan but the 20 users limit seems to caught me off guard.

I believe the 20 users limit are not there in apps. Am i wrong? Or is this 20 user limitation is different in page? Please help to explain here thank you

It does depend on the requirements of your page/app.

Private apps also have a similar pricing structure to pages :arrow_down:

Make sure your not getting confused with users/visitors - you can have unlimited visitors - not signed in.

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I have looked again at the pricing side, there is not limit for signed in users in apps.

If I’m going to have more than 20 users that need to sign but not team members, do I choose sign for anyone?

Glide pages are fundamentally different than glide apps. I can’t tell you Glide’s reasoning behind their decisions for the available pricing plans for glide pages. I think their view is that it is to be used as a supplement to a glide app and only used by a small amount of people if they need to be signed in. They do however offer the ability make a page open to the public with unlimited visitors. But essentially there is no glide page plan that will support Public with Email with pricing that is the same as what Glide Apps offer. I think it’s their view is that Glide Pages are a completely separate product from Glide Apps and not subject to the same types of plans or pricing.

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okay. would love to know if one day they would introduce Public with email pricing, regardless if it’s the same offer or slightly different from the Glide Apps offer.

Glide Pages have tremendous potential - so I’m expecting a lot of people will be using it as well just like the Glide Apps.

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